Global Future Space Scholars Meet
“One earth, one humanity, education brings us all together."
——Russian astronaut Aleksey Ovchinin displaying our certificate in the International Space Station
What is GFSSM
The Global Future Space Scholars Meet (GFSSM), an annual academic competition organized for school students in grades 9-12, aims to encourage students worldwide to solve real-world problems through multidisciplinary learning (project based learning) and teamwork while developing global competency.
Real-world Problem Solving
The GFSSM is an industrial bidding simulation competition that focuses on future deep space development. Students form virtual companies to design future space cities, Lunar bases and Mars habitats based on user needs. In the process of solving real-world problems, innovation, feasibility, economics, and completeness are indispensable factors. The design results are entirely open, and students can enhance their core competencies and abilities by completing challenge tasks, making them talented individuals with global competence.
Multidisciplinary Learning
The GFSSM provides students with a truly multidisciplinary learning environment. Through a simulated bidding process, students are challenged to apply their knowledge and skills from multiple disciplines, including mathematics, physics, biology, chemistry, writing, and public speaking, to solve real-life problems. By participating in this process, many students have discovered their future academic interests and realized the value and significance of learning.
Professional Academic Team
The organizers of GFSSM are experts from the aerospace industry, planetary science, and education fields, who have created and maintained a chronicle of human development of solar system resources for the next 150 years. In each GFSSM activity, the organizers select a moment from the chronicle and assume the role of the first party in commercial bidding for the development of a specific space infrastructure. Student teams learn and grow through in-depth exchanges with these expert teams.
Extreme Design Challenge
During the on-site challenge events of GFSSM, students form joint companies and complete design challenges through an 24-hour extreme learning process. For many students, this is an unforgettable experience. The tense and challenging environment, complicated teamwork and communication, compress numerous real-world problems into a single day. This process pushes students to their limits and helps them discover their true potential.
  • Mandy Zhao
    Former participant, studying at Columbia Univ
    "The GFSSM competition is an intriguing and cherished interdisciplinary contest that demands meticulous attention, rigorous calculations, exceptional teamwork, and time management. Its sense of urgency captivated me."

  • Kevin Yong
    Former participant, studying at CMU
    "I learned about teamwork and time management, where individual perspectives come together to create better solutions, and proper time management enables teams to make steady progress. However, the most significant gain was making new friends from all over the world.“
  • Julien
    Senior teacher, tutor of GFSSM team
    "Students are pushed to their limits in an unimaginable environment to accomplish tasks that they couldn't have envisioned. This experience challenges them and gives them a taste of the sense of achievement that comes with problem-solving."

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