For Students
This is an aerospace industry simulation for you. Join us if you are interested in any fields, including aerospace, business, presentation...
What kind of students are suitable

FSSM advocates for diversity and welcomes teenagers from all over the world. Students with the following qualities will be preferable for FSSM:

  • Curiosity and open-mindedness about knowledge and the commitment to discover new things
  • Critical thinkers
  • Creative and artistic
  • Passion for aerospace
  • Public speaking skills
  • Possess professional acumen and ambition
  • Desire to discover their interests through a high-profile event
Favorable Qualities

This is an aerospace industry simulation project that requires teamwork. There are only two tips to win:

  1. the design must meet the requirements
  2. exemplary teamwork skills
How to Begin

  1. Form a team (6/12 members for the high school division)
  2. Designate roles
  3. Project planning and division of labor
  4. Start!Remember: the more research the better.
What will the students do?

Qualification Round

The participating teams will be expected to complete a Proposal in teams that work like a company. The Proposal should fully meet the requirements of Request for Proposal (which will be released by the committee): design an in-orbit space settlement operating around the Mars including its structure and materials, operate a life support system, account for human living conditions and space planning. Participants also need to complete two "social interaction tasks" to demonstrate their research and design through application or a network platform.
Final Round

Qualifying teams passing the Preliminary Round will attend the on-site Final Round to undertake more challenges. Teams will be distributed into larger cohorts and receive a new mission to complete in just a few hours. One group shall be selected based on critical thinking, communication, cooperation, and their creation to be presented with the top award.
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