FSSM Australian Committee
Dentown Education as part of the Australian FSSM Committee is driven by the aim to promote STEM as well as international exchange of cultures, to cultivate teamwork and leadership, and to encourage creativity amongst high school students. In doing so, Dentown Education believe it to be a crucial part in the mission of raising the future generation to step up into important STEM roles and positions.
Prior to FSSM, Dentown Education has taken on initiatives to bring unique experiences in STEM and vocational training, including the STEM winter camp which exposes high school students to university STEM applications, and have organized multiple programs to groups of adults within an organization that wish to undertake vocational education to boost their knowledge and jump-start their careers. In addition, in the ten years since establishment, Dentown has been a lawful enterprise and is maintaining rapport business relationships with education authorities and research institutes in Australia.

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Simon Chen is the contact person for FSSM's Australian Committee. He has a background in Informational Technology and had worked in IBM for 24 years, during which he gained senior experiences in branch transformation, sales operation, sales force management, digital marketing as well as brand management. His parents are both from aviation industry and his mother is the 2nd generation of female pilots since the establishment of P.R.C.

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The school participated in 2019
The Scots School Albury is a leading regional co-educational, Uniting Church, boarding and day school in New South Wales, Australia – accepting students from Pre-School to Year 12 (4 – 18 years). Founded in 1866, the School has a proud history of shaping the lives of thousands of students.

For over 150 years, Scots has been nurturing students to identify their talents, develop their passions in their learning and life and to achieve outstanding academic results. The School has a diverse and innovative curriculum and co-curricular program, designed to engage, challenge, and broaden the experience of all students, as such we are excited to invite you to be involved in an exciting, innovative STEM initiative for our students.
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